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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Review

The Sorcerer's Apprentice 

Release Date: 9th September 2010 - Australia

Production Companies 
Walt Disney Pictures (present)
Jerry Bruckheimer Films (present)
Saturn Films
Broken Road

Walt Disney Studios Motion 
Pictures Australia 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 106 minutes 

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $215,283,742 

Plot Summary 
Balthazar Blake is a modern-
day sorcerer with his hands 
full defending Manhattan 
against dark forces. When a 
seemingly average kid shows 
hidden potential, Balthazar 
takes his reluctant recruit 
on a crash course in the art 
and science of magic to 
become the ultimate 
sorcerer's apprentice.

Jay Baruchel - Dave
Nicolas Cage - Balthazar Blake
Alfred Molina - Horvath
Teresa Palmer - Becky
Toby Kebbell - Drake Stone
Omar Benson Miller - Bennet
Monica Bellucci - Veronica
Nicole Ehinger - Abigail Williams
Alice Krige - Morganna Le Fey
James A. Stephens - Merlin
Jake Cherry - Young Dave
Gregory Woo - Sun-Lok

Director - Jon Turteltaub 
Screen Story/Screenplay - Matt Lopez
Screen Story - Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal
Screenplay - Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard
Executive Producers - Todd 
Garner, Nicolas Cage, Mike
Stenson, Chad Oman, Norman
Golightly and Barry H. Waldman
Producer - Jerry Bruckheimer
Production Designer - Naomi Shohan
Costume Designer - Michael Kaplan
Director of Photography - Bojan Bazelli
Special Effects Supervisor - John Frazier
Visual Effects Supervisor - John Nelson
Film Editor - William Goldenberg
Music - Trevor Rabin

I originally watched THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE on the big screen in 2010, I discovered from research on the web that it in fact was loosely adapted from the animated segment of the original FANTASIA (click here). But I wouldn't know until now that it was a misunderstood movie that was financially pounded in its impending release. It must've worn out its welcome for audiences and convinced them into seeing HARRY POTTER instead among the year's other feature fantasies. I'll start with the fact that THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE is not such a fantastically magical picture as it was perhaps marketed to be and this could be partly a result of its predictable storyline and only appealing to an younger audience.

The cast selection was I thought decent with Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel at the reigns. Both performers are at least well-committed, especially Baruchel as the apprentice who conveys a protagonist in training to become a mage and has a humorous and sarcastic approach to the character. Nicolas is possibly the best candidate to be chosen as a mage, he manages to create a fatherly figure to the young apprentice but also with adding comedy as well. Thankfully, the English actor Alfred Molina was there to give some form of acting with a range of decent villainy for his character to be brandished in a classy type. Not unlike Cage and Baruchel who were there to provide the movie's perchance for comedy.

THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE is one of these movies that showcased a cliffhanger ending and in my opinion, would be an ideal sequel material. Due to being considered as a flop unfortunately, it most likely won't get a look in for a second instalment. As previously stated, this movie is an overlooked gem and it's definitely worth giving a chance. 

Star rating: (6/10) Fair Movie

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