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Ghostbusters II Review

Ghostbusters II 

Release Date: 16th November 1989 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 108 minutes

Budget: $37,000,000

Box Office Gross: $215,394,738

Plot Summary
After waging a war on
slime that cost New
York City millions, the
Ghostbusters find
themselves out of
business--until an ancient
tyrant, preparing a return
to the Earthly domain
through his portrait at the
Manhattan Museum of
Art, sets his sights on
Dana Barrett's baby as
the new home for his
wicked soul!

With the help of the
Museum's possessed
curator, he plans to turn
New York into a really
scary place to live! Now
only the Ghostbusters
can save New York City,
by turning paranormal
pest control into an art

Bill Murray - Dr. Peter Venkman
Dan Aykroyd - Dr. Raymond Stantz
Harold Ramis - Dr. Egon Spengler
Ernie Hudson - Winston Zeddemore
Sigourney Weaver - Diana 
Rick Moranis - Louis Tully
Annie Potts - Janine Melintz
Peter MacNicol - Dr. Janosz Poha
Kurt Fuller - Hardemeyer
Harris Yulin - The Judge
Wilhelm von Homburg - Vigo
David Marguiles - The Mayor of NY
Janet Margolin - The Prosecutor

Producer/Director - Ivan Reitman
Based on Characters/Writers - Harold Ramis
and Dan Aykroyd 
Associate Producer/Film Editor -
Sheldon Kahn
Production Designer - Bo Welch
Costume Designer - Gloria Gresham
Director of Photography - Michael Chapman
Visual Effects Supervisor - Dennis Muren
Film Editor - Donn Cambern
Music - Randy Edelman

After delivering the biggest box office draw of 1984, the studio was buoyed by the success of the original GHOSTBUSTERS film (click here) and animated series that they began pressuring some of the cast and crew like director Ivan Reitman and actors/writers Harold Ramis and Dan Akyroyd into working on a sequel. This sequel turned out to be nearly as profitable as the first blockbuster but I am sorry to say with regards to the quality of the films by comparison, the sequel is not worthy. GHOSTBUSTERS II only provided the odd stack of laughs as the plot of the movie is a repeat of its predecessor but brought nothing new to the table. Perhaps this second film may have been rushed and with some tender loving care, it could have had some potential. 

It was good however to see all the original actors back together again, in terms of their performances I would commend each actor for doing the best they could with what they had to work with.

GHOSTBUSTERS II isn't always completely unwatchable and it's good to see it again at least once after two times in a row but you don't feel the need to watch it again as you did with the first. I would say this movie deserves to be on a $2 shelf. But I would not pay big money for it.

Star rating: (5/10) Average

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