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Footloose (1984) Review


Release Date: 12th April 1984 - Australia

Production Companies 
Paramount Pictures (presents)
IndieProd Company Productions

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Drama

Rating: M

Runtime: 106 minutes

Budget: $8,200,000

Box Office Gross: $89,825,828

Plot Summary
City-boy Ren McCormack
finds himself in an uptight
Midwestern town where
dancing has been banned.
Ren revolts with best
friend Willard and the
minister's daughter.

Kevin Bacon - Ren McCormack 
Lori Singer - Ariel Moore
John Lithgow - Rev. Shaw Moore
Dianne West - Vi Moore
Chris Penn - Willard
Sarah Jessica Parker - Rusty
John Laughlin - Woody
Elizabeth Gorcey - Wendy Jo
Frances Lee McCain - Ethel McCormack
Jim Youngs - Chuck Cranston
Douglas Dirkson - Burlington Cranston
Lynne Marta - Lulu Warnicker
Arthur Rosenberg - Wes Warnicker
Timothy Scott - Andy Beamis
Alan Haufrect - Coach Roger Dunbar
Linda MacEwen - Eleanor Dunbar
Kim Jensen - Edna 
Michael Telmont - Travis
Leo Geter - Rich
Ken Kemp - Jeff
Russ McGinn - Herb
Sam Dalton - Mr. Gurntz 
H.E.D. Redford - Widdoes
Jay Bernard - Harvey
Meghan Broadhead - Sarah Warnicker
Mimi Broadhead - Amy Warnicker 
Gene Pack - Bernie
Marcia Dangerfield - Virginia

Director - Herbert Ross
Songs/Writer - Dean Pitchford
Executive Producer - Daniel Melnick
Producers - Lewis J. Rachmil and Graig Zadan
Production Designer - Ron Hobbs
Costume Designer - Gloria Gresham
Director of Photography - Ric Waite
Choreographer - Lynne Taylor-Corbett
Film Editor - Paul Hirsch 

A straightforward and potent classic teen drama which has a fairly simple plot, FOOTLOOSE is an ageless classic, truly unforgettable and much superior to the remake. It was produced when teen movies were a lasting trend to the cinema in the 80s. Since its release in 1984, it is a heavily undisputed touchstone of pop culture that was referenced in many films such as GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (click here). It has also inspired an animated movie with a similar plot-line aimed at younger audiences called HAPPY FEET (click here). This film represents the values of teenagers fighting for their independence to decide what they will do with their lives and what journey they will take. FOOTLOOSE conveys a message that teenagers will understand that when parents control them they often will rebel and have this innate need to achieve their greatest dreams and desires.

I didn't watch this movie for the dancing, instead I preferred the inspiring message that the movie communicates and the upbeat tunes which creates an energy to FOOTLOOSE. Kevin Bacon looks young in the movie and really nailed the role with a convincing performance which elevated his path to Hollywood fame. John Lithgow creates a sympathetic, yet extremist character who pushes his religious views on those around him and believes dancing to be a sin. John crafted a character that was a very strict and disapproving father figure.

Although it is aimed at a teen audience, FOOTLOOSE remains to be one of the best teen drama movies of its generation and even to this day, its story and message is still very relevant. I would definitely recommend a viewing of this wonderful movie, you won't regret it.

Star rating: (10/10) Best Movie Ever

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