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The Bourne Identity Review

The Bourne Identity 

Release Date: 22nd August 2002 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures
The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Kalima Productions GmbH & Co. KG
Stillking Films

Universal Pictures Australia 

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 118 minutes

Budget: $60,000,000

Box Office Gross: $214,034,224

Plot Summary
Pulled from the sea with 
two bullets in his back, 
Jason Bourne discovers 
he has the skills of a very 
dangerous man and no 
memory of his violent 
past. Racing to unlock 
the secret of his own 
identity, he discovers 
the truth: he's an elite 
government agent. But 
to the government, Jason 
isn't just their property, 
he's a malfunctioning 
thirty million dollar weapon. 
Lethally trained, built to 
disappear, he's an agent 
on the run who has be 
taken out. 

Matt Damon - Jason Bourne
Franka Potente - Maria Helena
Julia Stiles - Nicky Parsons
Chris Cooper - Alex Conklin
Clive Owen - The Professor
Brian Cox - Ward Abbott
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Wombosi
Gabriel Mann - Zorn
Walton Goggins - Research Tech #1
Josh Hamilton - Research Tech #2
Orso Maria-Guerinni - Giancarlo
Tim Dutton - Eamon
Nicky Naude - Castol
Russell Levy - Manheim
David Selburg - Marshall

Producer/Director - Doug Liman
Based on Novel "The Bourne
Identity"/Executive Producer - 
Robert Ludlum
Writers - Tony Gilroy and
W. Blake Herron
Executive Producer - Frank Marshall,
Producers - Patrick Crowley
and Richard N. Glenstein
Co-Producer - Andrew R. Tennenbaum
Production Designer - Dan Weil
Costume Designer - Pierre-Yves Gayraud
Director of Photography - Oliver Wood
Stunt Choreographer - Nick Powell
Visual Effects Supervisor - Peter Donen
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Stefan Fangmeier
Film Editor - Saar Klein 
Music Supervisor - Julianne Jordan
Music - John Powell
Writer/Producer/Singer: Extreme Ways - Moby

Before I went to see THE BOURNE LEGACY (click here) on the big screen, I really wanted to watch the other BOURNE movies that featured Matt Damon in the lead role. Now that the new JASON BOURNE picture is out in theatres, I want to watch all four of these films in order before I go see it. 

THE BOURNE IDENTITY is the game changer of the spy-fiction sub-genre for its use of realism and cold atmosphere, much like the latest James Bond movies. It's packed with intense scenes and riveting action. This gritty action thriller was adapted on to the screen by director Doug Liman who launched a successful career with the first movie of the saga.

Matt Damon is top-notch and brilliantly portrays the amnesiac fugitive hero Jason Bourne who finds himself in a predicament where people are trying to hunt him down. Well-casted in the supporting roles is Chris Cooper, Brian Cox and Julia Stiles. One of the best moments in IDENTITY is the car chase sequence which excels as one of the most memorable drive chase scenes of movie history. Complimenting this action also is the fast paced and violent fighting choreography which based on Bruce Lee's fighting style of Jeet Kune Do.

This movie really kept me hooked from start to finish, the story was intriguing and well crafted. The actors were enjoyable to watch and the pacing of the movie kept viewers engaged. I would highly recommend watching THE BOURNE IDENTITY and even though it is now somewhat an older film, it is still very modern and relevant.  

Star rating: (10/10) Best Movie Ever

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