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Jason Bourne Review

Jason Bourne

Release Date: 28th July 2016 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures
The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Perfect World Pictures (in association with)
Captivate Entertainment (in association with)
Pearl Street Films (in association with)

Universal Pictures Australia 

Genre: Action
Rating: M

Runtime: 123 minutes

Budget: $120,000,000

Box Office Gross: $415,484,914

Plot Summary
It's been 10 years since
Jason Bourne walked
away from the agency
that trained him to
become a deadly weapon.
Hoping to draw him
out of the shadows,
CIA Director Robert
Dewey assigns hacker
and counterinsurgency
expert Heather Lee to
find him. Lee suspects
that former operative
Nicky Parsons is also
looking for him. As she
begins tracking the duo,
Bourne finds himself
back in action battling
a sinister network that
utilizes terror and
technology to maintain

Matt Damon - Jason Bourne
Julia Stiles - Nicky Parsons
Tommy Lee Jones - CIA Director Robert Dewey
Alicia Vikander - Heather Lee
Vincent Cassel - Asset
Riz Ahmed - Aaron Kalloor
Ato Essandoh - Craig Jeffers
Scott Shepherd - Director NI Edwin Russell
Bill Camp - Malcolm Smith
Vinzenz Kiefer - Christian Dassault
Stephen Kunken - Baumen
Gregg Henry - Richard Webb

Writer/Producer/Director - Paul Greengrass
Based on "Bourne" Series - Robert Ludlum
Writer/Executive Producer/Film Editor - Christopher Rouse
Executive Producers - Doug Liman, Amy Lord, Henry Morrison, Helen Medrano, Colin J. Hara and Jennifer Todd
Producers - Frank Marshall, Matt Damon, Ben Smith and Jeffrey M. Weiner
Producer/Unit Production Manager - Gregory Goodman
Co-Producers - Chris Carreras and Andrew R. Tennenbaum
Production Designer - Paul Kirby
Costume Designer - Mark Bridges
Director of Photography - Barry Ackroyd
Stunt Coordinator - Gary Powell
Special Effects Supervisor - Steven Warner
Visual Effects Supervisors - Charlie Noble and Adam Rowland
Music - Dave Buckley and John Powell

JASON BOURNE sees the return of Matt Damon being the titular character of the BOURNE series after his absence in THE BOURNE LEGACY (click here). He is even reunited with the director Paul Greengrass who is back to film the newest installment in hopes of recapturing the element of surprise. The movie doesn't come close to match the first three originals, nor does it for Damon's career to continue after being stranded on a red planet in THE MARTIAN (click here). The plot is too formulaic and derivative that some of the plot points should not have been re-used from any of its predecessors. To add insult to injury, the series should have picked up where Jeremy Renner was to go into more trouble with the CIA after his introduction on LEGACY. This new film would have saved a huge moment where these two meet for the first time at face-to-face. Instead, all this movie has to offer was the unoriginal plot-line trying to capitalise on Matt Damon's return.

The lead actor Damon hasn't changed in one bit since he last performed the character in THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Still, it isn't enough to save the titular film when is trying to revisit the series' lost golden years. Tommy Lee Jones' performance was so rough and tense as the newly appointed head of the CIA whose intention was to take down Bourne, no matter what the cost.

Not one of the greatest, but definitely an all time low for the series. Still, JASON BOURNE deserves a repeat even if people will watch this film for a second chance, if it will come to Blu-Ray and eventually a huge movie marathon. 
Star rating: (6/10) Fair Movie

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