Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Simpsons Movie Review (Updated)

The Simpsons Movie 

Release Date: 26th July 2007 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Gracie Films
Film Roman

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Animation

Rating: PG

Runtime: 87 minutes

Budget: $75,000,000

Box Office Gross: $527,071,022

Plot Summary
When Lisa Simpson tells the
town of Springfield about their
pollution problem, the town
reacts and prohibits all pollution
into the water. This doesn't
stop Homer, who dumps a
pig-waste silo into the water.
Russ Cargill decides that 
Springfield is too dangerous
and places a dome over the
town, stopping anything from
getting in or out. When the
town people find out the true 
culprit behind the problem,
they set out off straight for the
Simpson's home. Escaping
from the dome, the Simpsons
decide to start a new life in
Alaska, whilst the remainder
of the town disappears.

Voice Cast
Dan Castellaneta - Homer/
Grampa/Krusty the Clown/
Various Characters
Julie Kavner - Marge/Selma/
Patty Bouvier
Nancy Cartwright - Bart/
Ralph/Various Characters
Yeardley Smith - Lisa
Harry Shearer - Mr Burns/
Ned Flanders/President
Arnold Schwarzenegger/
Various Characters
Hank Azaria - Moe/Comic
Book Guy/Various 
Tress MacNeille - Colin/
Various Characters
Pamela Hayden - Milhouse/
Rod Flanders
Russi Taylor - Martin
Maggie Roswell - Helen Lovejoy
Joe Mantegna - Fat Tony
Albert Brooks - Russ Cargill
Green Day - Themselves (Cameo)
Tom Hanks - Himself (Cameo)

Director - David Silverman
Creator/Developer: TV Series (Uncredited)/
Screenplay/Producer - Matt Groening
Developer: TV Series (Uncredited)/Screenplay
/Producer - James L. Brooks
Developer: TV Series (Uncredited) - Sam Simon
Screenplay/Producers - Al Jean, Richard Sakai &
Mike Sully
Screenplay - Ian Maxtone-Graham, George Meyer,
David Mirkin, Mike Reiss, Matt Selman, John
Swartzwelder & Jon Witti
Film Editor - John Carnochan
Music - Hans Zimmer
Composer: "The Simpsons" Theme - Danny Elfman

As a big fan of THE SIMPSONS, I must say that the movie adaptation was enjoyable but funny. The things of the film I find very remarkable which includes how its story would go explore some plot points that haven't been used in new episodes, a vocal cameo by Tom Hanks and the hilarious scenes such as the Spider Pig.

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is extremely loyal to the animated television sitcom, full of Simpsonized humour that features Homer's antics and possibly the greatest movie adaptation of a TV show that has ever been made.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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