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Terminator 2: Judgement Day Review (Updated)

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Release Date: 5th September 1991 – 

Production Companies
Carolco Pictures
Pacific Western
Lightstorm Entertainment (in association with)
Le Studio Canal+ (presented in association with)
T2 Productions (Uncredited)

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 137 minutes
               152 minutes 
               (special edition)
               154 minutes
               (extended special 

Budget: $94,000,000

Box Office Gross: $520,881,154

Plot Summary
Almost 10 years have 
passed since Sarah 
Connor's ordeal began,
and her son John, the
future leader of the
resistance, is now a
healthy young boy.
However the nightmare
begins when a new, more
deadly Terminator is sent
back in time, its orders -
to strike at John Connor
while he is still a child.

Sarah and John, however,
don't have to face this
terrifying Terminator alone.
The human resistance has
sent back another warrior
from the future, its orders
to protect John Connor
at all cost - the battle for
tomorrow has begun...

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The 
Linda Hamilton – Sarah Connor
Edward Furlong – John Connor
Robert Patrick – T-1000
Earl Boen – Dr. Peter Silberman
Joe Morton – Miles Dyson
S. Epatha Merkerson – Tarissa Dyson
Castulo Guerra – Enrique Salceda
Danny Cooksey – Tim
Jenette Goldstein – Janelle Voight
Xander Berkeley – Todd Voight
Michael Biehn – Kyle Reese
(Special Edition Only)
Michael Edwards – Old John Connor
DeVaughn Nixon – Danny Dyson

Writer/Producer/Director – James Cameron
Writer – William Wisher Jr
Executive Producers - Gale Anne Hurd & Mario Kassar
Co-Producers - B.J. Rack & Stephanie Austin
Conceptual Artist – Steve Burg
Production Designer – Joseph C. Nemec III
Special Make-Up/Terminator Effects Producer –
Stan Winston
Cinematography – Adam Greenberg
Visual Effects Supervisor: Fantasy II Film Effects –
Gene Warren Jr.
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM – Dennis Muren
Visual Effects Designer – John Bruno
Special Visual Effects Sequences/Visual Effects Supervisor: 
4-Ward Productions – Robert Skotak
Computer Graphics Animation Supervisor –
Steve “Spaz” Williams
Film Editors – Conrad Buff IV, Mark Goldblatt,
Richard A. Harris & Dody Dorn (Special Edition Only)
Music – Brad Fiedel


1992 Academy Awards
Best Sound – Tom Johnson, Gary Rydstrom,
Gary Summers & Lee Orloff (Won)
Best Sound Editing – Gary Rydstrom
& Gloria S. Borders (Won)
Best Visual Effects – Dennis Muren,
Stan Winston, Gene Warren Jr. &
Robert Skotak (Won)
Best Makeup – Stan Winston &
Jeff Dawn (Won)
Best Cinematography – Adam Greenberg (Nominated)
Best Film Editing – Conrad Buff IV,
Mark Goldblatt & Richard A. Harris (Nominated)

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY is a high-exploding sequel to the original movie that contains action, intensity and drama and has lots of heavy gunfire. It was much better than the original TERMINATOR film such as a bigger budget thrown in such of a larger scale. Changing Arnold Schwarzenegger's terminator from a villain to hero. Add in a terminator played by Robert Patrick who's advanced with liquid metal and best of all, it has the famous quote said by Arnold’s protagonist character “Hasta la vista, baby!”. For those who have not watched the movie, I'm not going to tell you which scene on where he says to. Between this and JURASSIC PARK (click here), both of these movies to use groundbreaking CGI effects from which it was made by the same team of Industrial Light & Magic.

This action movie TERMINATOR 2 is quite simply perfect in every way, a film which made its mark in history and will be around for many generations to be cherished and appreciated.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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