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After Earth Re-Review (Updated)

After Earth

Release Date: 13th
June 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures


Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 100 minutes

Budget: $130,000,000

Box Office Gross: 


Plot Summary
A crash landing leaves Kitai
Raige and his legendary
father Cypher stranded on
Earth, 1,000 years after
cataclysmic events forced
humanity's escape. With
Cypher injured, Kitai must
embark on a treacherous
journey to signal for help.

They must learn to work
together and trust each
other, if they want any
chance of returning home.

Will Smith - Cypher Raige
Jaden Smith - Kitai Raige
Sophie Okonedo - Faia Raige
Zoe Kravitz - Senshi Raige
Glenn Morshower - 
Commander Velan
Jaden Martin - 9-Year Old Kitai
David Denman - Private McQuarrie


Producer/Director - M. Night Shyamalan
Story - Will Smith
Screenplay - Gary Whitta
Producers - James Lassiter,
Jada Pinkett Smith, Caleeb
Pinkett and Will Smith
Co-Producer/Unit Production
Manager/First Assistant Director -
John Rusk
Co-Producer - Ashwin Rajan
Production Designer - Thomas E. Sanders
Costume Designer - Amy Westcott
Cinematography - Peter Suschitzky
Visual Effects Supervisor: Tippett Studio -
Craig Barron
Visual Effects Supervisor - Jonathan Rothbart
Film Editor - Steven Rosenblum
Music - James Newton Howard

In 2013, I originally reviewed AFTER EARTH and didn't care for it much, in fact I thought it was just flat and I couldn't wait to turn it off. The flick was from the imagination of Will Smith not M. Night Shyamalan's, he wanted so badly to make this coming of age story into a sci-fi adventure. AFTER EARTH had such a great potential of a solid sci-fi survival/apocalyptic adventure but due to the setbacks like Jaden Smith's bad acting and the misplaced jungle setting. The visuals were at some scenes after school, not necessarily detailed in other-known features like those shown in recent times. The people of ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) must've declined on an offer from Shyamalan after what they had done to try make the visuals look incredible in THE LAST AIRBENDER (click here).

There are still some elements that keep the movie half-intact, the more noticeable was Will Smith who was still doing great for his second large part playing the character of a father to his biological son; he's still different from his earlier sci-fi/action film roles and portrays a stern and cold authority figure. First, the reason why Will of all actors had to act as emotionally distant is because that's the main part of his character. Though his real to life young offspring Jaden while playing the lead hero is second-rate and I'm sad to say is ill-suited.

I do admit however that it was actually Will's fault for casting Jaden in a serious movie that was his vanity project. If that isn't nepotism, I don't know what that is? Best of all, the movie was packed with tension, some drama and action into one combo and what's more is few of the dialogue is actually very simple.

The movie should not have been named AFTER EARTH and be instead called LOST EARTH. Hence the title will be able to make sense and relate to the plot of the movie. This has been a far less forgiving movie with a less re-watch value and still M. Night is nearly a one step ahead to his directorial comeback.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

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