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Faeries Review (Updated)


Broadcast Date: 1999 - UK 

Production Companies
Cartwn Cymru 
HiT Entertainment PLC
United Productions

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 90 minutes

Plot Summary
Two children holidaying on 
farm are transported to 
Fairyland but after one eats 
a charmed fairy-cake they 
are given three tasks to 
complete before they can 
return to their own world.

Little did the two children 
and the faeries suspect 
that inside the realm, an 
enemy of a shapeshifter 
is planning to take over 
the fairy kingdom and 
heard the prophecy about 
what will happen to the 
realm if he plans to usurp 
the throne!

Voice Cast
Carley O'Neill - Nellie 
Geoffrey Williams - George
Dougray Scott - The Fairy Prince
Kate Winslet - Bridget
Jeremy Irons - The Shapeshifter
Michael Burrell - Mr. Coombs/
Patrick Marlowe - Mone
Jane Horrocks - Huccaby
Charlotte Coleman - Merrivale
Tony Robinson - Broom
John Sessions - Chudley

Production Designer/Director -
Gary Burst
Writer - Jocelyn Stevenson
Producer - Naomi Jones
Folklore Consultant - Dr. Juliette
Directors of Photography - Mark
Chamberlain, Simon Jacobs and
Sam James
Motion Control Camera - Peter
Animo Supervisor - Martyn Yates
Film Editor - Keith Ware
Music - Colin Towns

No idea that one of the companies renowned for their preschool shows has a movie possibly made for broadcast. Under the careful guidance of looking at (IMDB) Internet Movie Database online, the movie never actually existed in its home release in my country and neither showed up in television. To my surprise, FAERIES is said to have featured a few talented actors that are known for their heritage in Britain and in my opinion, this film has its good points such as an advanced visual treat of the finest 2D animation merged with live sets, but is let down by some disappointing CGI. The movie's story feels rather underdeveloped and feels episodic as almost if it could come out as an animated kids program. Deeply undeveloped is the interracial love relationship which failed to engage its audience. Heck, if Disney or any hand-drawn studio would allow this poorly-developed story to be on their hands for any better development maybe this disaster could be redeemed, and that is being very optimistic.

The only reason I wanted to watch the movie, it surprisingly contains the benefits of one actor, Jeremy Irons. It's not the first time he's played a power-hungry evil brother. In many similarities, the character is a somewhat less succeedable and deadly villain than our favourite bad cat we know of as Scar. Still, he did a good performance of that versatile vocals and I wished I could have had the pleasure of saying he was perfect in this role because he is one of my favourite actors, but unfortunately I cannot.

Truly this makes FAERIES a dull and prosaic movie that at point clearly needed character building or a sense of adventure. Always had me to believe that it's half misconceived and thinking it'll turn out worse as a non-Disney musical. I'm Film Guru Lad and this is my critique of FAERIES.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

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