Thursday, 8 May 2014

Another Important Message

Hello, I'm FilmGuruLad.

I'm just informing you that I have officially made changes to my site. Now this included the search engine I removed which was located in the right side of the homepage. The reason I have deleted this bar is because having two search engines in one page that both serve the same purpose has it been confusing. You can instead use the nav-bar as shown in the image below. Simply type in the movie you wish to view and if I reviewed it, it will come up.

Now, the other tweak I have made is renaming one of the categories; I have changed the category, documentary to other categories. Now the rationale for this decision is because I very rarely review documentaries and thought that I should have a category that broadly covers all the genres I rarely reviewed.

Now, if you're wondering if the X-Men critique marathon will continue or not. Just look forward to Monday, when my review of the third and possibly most demeaning film of the series 'The Last Stand' is published.

I invite you to send me feedback and I just hope the changes I have not inconvenienced you in anyway. Do please check on my reviews of 'Tron: Legacy', 'X-Men 2' and 'Origins: Wolverine' that I updated yesterday.

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