Monday, 2 February 2015

Big Hero 6 Review (Updated)

Big Hero 6

Release Date: 26th December 2014 - Australia

Production Companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion
Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 102 minutes

Budget: $165,000,000

Box Office Gross: $657,818,612

Plot Summary
A plus-sized inflatable robot
Baymax, and prodigy Hiro
Hamada, who team up to form
a band of high-tech heroes.

Voice Cast
Ryan Cooper - Hiro Hamada
Scott Adsit - Baymax
T. J. Miller - Fred
Jamie Chung - GoGo Tamago
Damon Wayans, Jr - Wasabi
Genesis Rodriguez - Honey Lemon
Maya Rudolph - Aunt Cass
James Cromwell - Professor
Robert Callaghan
Daniel Henney - Tadashi Hamada
Alan Tudyk - Allstair Krei
Paul Briggs - Yama
Stan Lee - Fred's Dad (Cameo)

Directors - Don Hall and
Chris Williams
Based on Characters - Man of Action
Head of Story - Paul Briggs and
Joseph Mateo
Screenplay - Jordan Roberts,
Daniel Gerson and Robert
L. Baird
Executive Producer - John Lasseter
Co-Producer - Kristina Reed
Producer - Roy Conli
Creative Advisors - Nathan
Greno and Mark Kennedy
Production Designer - Paul A.
Character Design Supervisor - Sang Jin Kim
Lead Character Designer - Shiyoon Kim
Head of Animation - Zach A. Parrish
Visual Effects Supervisor - Kyle Odermatt
Film Editor - Tim Mertens
Music - Henry Jackman


2015 Academy Awards
Best Animated Feature - Chris Williams, Don Hall
and Roy Conli (Won)

Marvel is still owned by Disney and have always been in close competition with Warner Brothers property DC. Since Disney's purchase of the Marvel company, they continued to bring the life of the treasured comic book heroes on the big screen. The two corporate giants had never until this point done an animated feature together and finally, the people of the Disney animation studio had decided upon on one of Marvel's lesser properties BIG HERO 6. There hasn't been a movie with so many scenes containing mind-boggling animation with fast-paced action since Disney put away the toys on their two earlier attempts such as ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE (click here) and TREASURE PLANET (click here). This contains a story which not only offers a blend of humour and action, but it delivers perfectly crafted animation which is rivalled by a few others. It also contained scenes that show a lot of sadness too. I was absorbed into experiencing this uncommonly awesome film that no studio has ever done since PIXAR pushed the envelope in their mega hit production THE INCREDIBLES (click here) to blow away the superhero comic fan-base in a childhood wonder.

There are so many good factors to choose from BIG HERO 6 aside from its 3D animation pixels and some weight of its human emotion, it carries the background setting in the city of which it happens to be an amalgam of Tokyo and San Francisco and probably meant to be an architectural blend. I was so amazed with the film which reminded me of another animated feature I reviewed of THE IRON GIANT (click here), particularly the friendship between a boy and a machine and the end of the climax where one of those main characters makes a heroic sacrifice.

It's truly one step ahead of FROZEN and probably a far better film, nothing gets crazy with BIG HERO 6 and it will continue to be its new greatest triumph on the animation field.

Star rating: (10/10) Best Movie Ever


  1. I definitely agree that this is a lot better than Frozen. It did a lot of things right; I just wished it held together in the final act.


  2. I disagree about the final act and although it may not be original. I like to see a sequel if Disney and Marvel are both making one right now!