Monday, 16 February 2015

Minutemen Review


Broadcast Date: 12th April 2008 - Australia

Production Companies
Disney Channel
Salty Pictures

Disney Media Distribution

Genre: Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 90 minutes

Budget: $5,000,000

Plot Summary
A high school senior and his 
friends invent a time machine 
so that future generations of 
students won't have to endure 
some of the more preventable 
adolescent pains, only to find 
that they have inadvertently 
opened a black hole in the 
process. Virgil and his pals are 
determined to make life a little 
easier for the less popular 
students in their high school, 
and in order to make that 
happen they create a time 
machine. But strange things 
can happen when you go 
messing with the laws of 
physics, and when Virgil and 
friends open a black hole they 
find that turning back the clock 
can have messy repercussions. 

Jason Dolley - Virgil Fox
Luke Benward - Charlie Tuttle
Nicholas Braun - Zeke Thompson
Chelsea Kane - Stephanie
Kara Crane - Jeanette
J. P. Manoux - Vice Principal
Stewart Tolkan
Steven R. McQueen - Derek
Dexter Darden - Chester
Kellie Cockrell - Jocelyn Lee
Molly Jepson - Amy Fox

Director - Lev L. Spiro
Story/Co-Executive Producers -
David Diamond and David
Teleplay - John Killoran
Producer - Don Schain
Broadcast Producer - Barbara
Production Designer - Mark
Director of Photography -
Bruce Douglas Johnson
Visual Effects Supervisor - Dan Schmit
Film Editor - Mark Conte
Music - Nathan Wang

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the teen movies from the family-oriented Disney Channel including the abominations of the movie series HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and CAMP ROCK. I won't bother reviewing these cringe-worthy flick trilogies, I have however watched a few of its original shows, but let's get down to one of its better TV flicks. For those who have already experienced the hilarious results of time travel in films such as BACK TO THE FUTURE and BILL AND TED, it is with regret that the film I am about to review does not even come close to the classic time travel hits. MINUTEMEN develops a concept of going through a portal device of time so that the character can become heroes in their high school. The film felt good but not great and certainly didn't offer any outstanding qualities to justify watching this rare film a second time.

I don't recognise many of the actors who were in their parts of the made-for-TV picture excluding Disney Channel's bad boy Jason Dooley. I felt he almost managed to live up to the standards of Michael J. Fox and Keanu Reeves when they were in their teens and I feel that Jason deserves a second-try for this one.

In summary, I think this flick is worth a one time watch, but if you are looking for something with long-lasting appeal; I suggest you try a big-budget time-travel hit.

Star rating: (6/10) Fair Movie

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