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WarGames Review


Release Date: 4th August 1983 - Australia

Production Companies
United Artists (presents)
Sherwood Productions (produced 
in association with)

Genre: Drama

Rating: PG

Runtime: 108 minutes

Budget: $12,000,000

Box Office Gross: $89,658,531

Plot Summary
Computer hacker David 
Lightman can bypass 
the most advanced security 
systems, break the most 
intricate secret codes and 
master even the most 
difficult computer games. 
But when he unwittingly 
taps into the Defense 
Department's war computer, 
he initiates a confrontation 
of global proportions - World 
War III! 

Together with his girlfriend 
and a bizarre computer 
genius, David must race 
against time to outwit his 
opponent ...and prevent 
nuclear Armageddon.

Matthew Broderick - David Lightman
Ally Sheedy - Jennifer Mack
Dabney Coleman - Dr. John McKittrick
John Wood - Dr. Stephen Falken
Barry Corbin - General Jack
Juanin Clay - Pat Healy
Kent Williams - Cabot
Dennis Lipscomb - Watson
Joe Dorsey - Col. Joe Conley
Michael Madsen - Lt. Steve Phelps
Maury Chaykin - Jim Sting
Eddie Deezen - Malvin

Director - John Badham
Writers - Lawrence Lasker and 
Walter F. Parkes
Producer - Harold Schneider
Production Designer - Angelo Graham
Director of Photography - 
William A. Fraker
Film Editor - Tom Rolf
Visual Effects Supervisor - Michael L. Fink
Visual Consultant - Geoffrey Kirkland 
Music - Arthur B. Rubinstein


1984 Academy Awards
Best Writing, Original Screenplay - Lawrence Lasker
and Walter F. Parkers (Nominated)
Best Cinematography - William A. Fraker (Nominated)
Best Sound - Michael J. Kohut, Carlos Delarios,
Aaron Rochin and Willie D. Burton (Nominated)

For many of my childhood memories include watching the old films that belong to the nostalgic 80's like THE NEVERENDING STORY (click here), the first TRON (click here), E.T. (click here) and even the SHORT CIRCUIT feature. I haven't mentioned one movie that doesn't compare itself to these family classics. For a film that takes place years ago when WARGAMES was made in an era when computers were an integral part of our lives, films like these have paved the way to other computer focused hits. At better, I felt this feature was certainly not perfect in spite of its plot while thoughtful and thought provoking. Its predictability is just what prevents this film from going over-the-top even when it's aged in many years.

The original Hollywood teen sensations, Matt Broderick and Ally Sheedy who I thought did a good job in capturing their character personalities. This having been the first time Broderick has played a character who is a troublesome high school student; and many would consider Matthew's breakthrough he will soon play another troublesome teen who is more laid-back, less skilled of hacking and is very iconic as it ends with the name who would for all time be remembered as Ferris Bueller.

I know of WARGAMES as a film which influenced a new avenue for pictures to create stories that are similar to its originality and premise including SUMMER WARS, SNEAKERS and HACKERS as much-needed examples. It's nowhere near as flawless as it could have been with a bigger budget and better direction, but has a lot of memorable moments and it is nice to watch for people with an interest of computers. No hacking this post and just instead leave your opinions on the comment tab.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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