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In Memory of Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) (Updated)

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

G'day, this is RadDingo, I'm  
not sure if you have or have 
not watched Star Trek and I 
have very sad news to inform 
you that the actor Leonard 
Nimoy who is well-known in 
film and television roles such 
as Captain Kirk's faithful half 
Vulcan, half human companion 
Mr Spock has now passed 
away on February 27th 2015 at the age of 83. This has been tragic that someone who is very recognisable to portray character who is without any emotion is now gone above the stars.

Prior to working on Star Trek, Leonard began his acting career in 1951 where he was mostly seen in 50 of the minor parts he plays on old B-grade movies before scoring a big part on a movie called Kid Monk Baroni. When playing the title role, Leonard Nimoy actually believed it would cement him into becoming Hollywood's most desired and this never proved to be true for Leonard until years later. He then went on to star in a 12 part science fiction serial and made it through television serving in supporting or guest appearances most notable though of these shows are 'Bonanza', 'Perry Mason', 'Dragnet', 'The Twilight Zone', 'Get Smart' among the various others that he chose to appear in. In 1965 came Leonard as he was fit to play the Human/Vulcan hybrid of an officer on a upcoming science fiction show instead of a role on a soap opera that he was offered to join. That said, the famous character of Spock and the show 'Star Trek' didn't air until 1966 when it was on NBC and during the show's production Leonard formed a long brotherly like relationship with his co-star and actor that played Captain James T. Kirk, William Shatner whom he first met while they both guest starred together in a episode of 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E'

In 1969, after 'Star Trek' was cancelled in its third season, Leonard joined the cast on the 'Mission Impossible' show in which he replaces the lead character portrayed by Martin Landau and his tenure only lasted until the sixth season. Continuing to make roles in cinema and in television as he co-stars with Yul Brynner and Richard Crenna in 'Catflow'. Leonard reprised his role of Spock in the animated series and again in 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'. After the first two features were directed by Robert Wise and Nicholas Meyer, this gave Leonard the opportunity that not only he would star as Mr. Spock, he would also like to direct the third instalment of the franchise. Doing so, he becomes the first Trek actor to appoint himself as the director resorting in films in not just one but two chapters like 'The Search for Spock' and 'The Voyage Home'. This new-found gift of Leonard as a director that paved the way to him directing four more movies including the notable heart-warming comedy THREE MEN AND A BABY.  

Leonard occasionally done a lot of voice work in animated features most notably is Megatron's upgraded counterpart Galvatron in a film based on 'The Transformers' (click here) and voiced himself in two episodes of the prime-time animation 'The Simpsons'. After 8 years of having been in film and 18 years of retiring the role of Spock, Leonard eventually returned to play once again, only this time, he plays the older version of his character in the J.J. Abrams reboot of 'Star Trek'. Again, he would return as Spock Prime in a cameo of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' which would later be the last time he play as Mr. Spock. 

Leonard wherever you are now, I don't care if your performance as Spock or the show that your character is featured in are appreciated by everyone else. All I can say is I have always been a fan of your work and my final words to you are...... live long and prosper! 

Don't forget to look at two of the YouTube clips of Leonard's great field of movie performances which are highlighted below.

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