Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Ninth Important Message

G'day, this is RadDingo (formerly known as FilmGuruLad) and I'm not being inconsistent with mucking around my old reviews just as I already told you that I am fixing and then improving them. Once again, I've redone my reviews which consisted about 17 that you may or may not have already looked on my blog as you searched just as before I've erased its imperfections. I had to install more or fix the cast and crew descriptions, pictures, splitting paragraphs, re-wording the letters which didn't suit the reviews that were generally at their star ratings and writing down the last paragraph in one review. There is the list of the following names of 17 reviews that were linked to their original posts and I'm positively sure you may recognise those names before.

In revealing of one more further update, I've re-published the review of the romantic comedy 'Blended' which you can now, search it through the blog archive or go into the search tab from the above. I'll see you very soon as you go on-board on the Enterprise when the review of the fourth original instalment of 'Star Trek', 'The Voyage Home' reaches its posting on Monday. Live long and prosper!

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