Thursday, 9 July 2015

Jurassic World Review

Jurassic World

Release Date: 11th June 2015 - Australia 

Production Companies
Universal Pictures (present)
Amblin Entertainment (present)
Legendary Pictures (in association with)
Dentsu (presented in association with)
Fuji Television Network (presented in 
association with) 

Universal Pictures Australia 

Genre: Adventure

Rating: M

Runtime: 125 minutes

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $1,670,400,637

Plot Summary
Claire is one of a team 
of scientists who have 
created a genetically 
modified new type of 
dinosaur for Jurassic 
World, a fully functioning 
dinosaur theme park 
as originally envisioned 
by John Hammond. 

However, not everyone 
agrees that this is a good 
idea. Owen, who works 
at the theme park, soon 
finds out his misgivings 
were correct and he has 
to evacuate the island 
before the thousands of 
visitors are hurt or killed.

Chris Pratt - Owen
Bryce Dallas Howard - Claire
Ty Simpkins - Gray Mitchell
Nick Robinson - Zach Mitchell
B.D. Wong - Dr. Henry Wu
Irrfan Khan - Simon Masrani
Vincent D'Onofrio - Vic Hoskins
Jake Johnson - Lowery
Omar Sy - Barry
Lauren Lapkus - Vivian
Brian Tee - Hamada
Katie McGrath - Zara
Judy Greer - Karen Mitchell
Andy Buckley - Scott Mitchell
Eric Edelstein - Nick
Jimmy Fallon - Himself (Cameo)
James DuMont - Hal Osterly
Colin Trevorrow - Mr. DNA (Voice)

Screenplay/Director - Colin Trevorrow
Based on Characters - Michael Critchon
Story/Screenplay - Rick Jaffa
and Amanda Silver
Screenplay - Derek Connolly
Producers - Patrick Crowley 
and Frank Marshall 
Executive Producers - Jon
Jashni, Steven Spielberg and
Thomas Tull
Production Designer - Ed Verreaux
Visual Consultant - Rick Carter
Costume Designers - April
Ferry and Daniel Orlandi
Director of Photography - John
Special Dinosaur Effects - Michael Lantieri
Creature/Special Effects
Supervisor - John Rosengrant
Animation Supervisor - Glen McIntosh
Visual Effects Supervisor - Tim Alexander
Visual Effects Supervisor:
Stereoscopic - Katherine Rodtsbrooks
Full-Motion Dinosaurs - Dennis Muren
Dinosaur Motion Supervisor - Randy Dutra
Dinosaur Consultant - Phil Tippett
Film Editor - Kevin Stitt
Composer: Theme Music - John Williams
Music - Michael Giacchino

I had some thoughts of wanting to see JURASSIC WORLD after it came out in theatres. I hope I wasn't too stalled of reviewing this new instalment instead of the last movie which I'll get on to it later. Here comes JURASSIC WORLD as it has never been so terrifying and fun to the people who have seen all three of the features, I felt that it wasn't exactly as subtle and entertaining to what other people say of this new chapter. The visuals were getting better at being complex than the originals, I was quite relieved that there's a new twist in the plot that is similar to the first JURASSIC PARK (click here) and it provided more terror to have all the audiences shocked as this is a more scarier version than the first two. I quite enjoyed the direction by Colin Trevorrow after Joe Johnston was booted out of the franchise for making the third movie seem like an average blockbuster, he really gives this the edge of a feeling that Steven Spielberg couldn't do to have the first movie come off as a full throttled thriller. 

I support my praise on any of the ensemble team of actors and Chris Pratt was one of them. He had already being given of the leading role status in films from last year like doing one of the voices in THE LEGO MOVIE (click here) and as Star Lord in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (click here). It is here that he really succeeds on his own, better than the original actors such as Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum whom both of them failed to show up as a supporting character and even a cameo appearance in this new blockbuster.

While this doesn't regain the level of acclaim that it was shown once on the first predecessor, it is a still a solid popcorn movie that seems to have everyone frenzied of its entertainment. Be sure you watch all the classics (minus JURASSIC PARK III) before you go see this one till it finishes.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie


  1. Nice review! Loved this movie (and I did re-watch the others (even the 3rd) before seeing it. :D) and I agree with what you said -- there's no way it could have ever been as great as the original, but it really does do it justice as a sequel, and a very VERY fun popcorn flick! :)

    1. Well said, couldn't agree more.