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The LEGO Movie Review (Updated)

The LEGO Movie

Release Date: 3rd April 2014 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures (presents)
Village Roadshow Pictures 
(in association with)
The LEGO Group (in association with)
Animal Logic
Vertigo Entertainment
Lin Pictures
Warner Animation Group
RatPac-Dune Entertainment 
(In association with)

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 100 minutes

Budget: $60,000,000

Box Office Gross: $469,160,692 

Plot Summary
Emmet is an ordinary, rules-
following, perfectly average 
LEGO mini-figure who is 
mistakenly identified as the 
most extraordinary person 
and the key to saving the 
world. He is drafted into a 
fellowship of strangers on 
an epic quest to stop an 
evil tyrant, a journey for 
which Emmet is hopelessly 
and hilariously unprepared... 

Voice Cast
Chris Pratt - Emmet
Will Ferrell - Lord Business
Elizabeth Banks - Wyldstyle
Will Arnett - Batman
Morgan Freeman - Vitruvius
Liam Neeson - Good Cop/
Bad Cop/Pa Cop
Nick Offerman - MetalBeard
Alison Brie - Princess Unikitty
Charlie Day - Benny
Channing Tatum - Superman
Jonah Hill - Green Lantern
Cobie Smulders - Wonder 
Billy Dee Williams - Lando
Calrissian (Cameo)
Anthony Daniels - C3PO

Live Action Cast
Jacob Sand - Finn
Will Ferrell - Man in Upstairs

Story/Screenplay/Directors -
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller
Story - Dan & Kevin Hageman
Executive Producers - Alison Abbate, Matthew Ashton, Bruce Berman, Jon Burton, Kathleen Fleming, Benjamin Melniker, Steven Mnuchin, Zareh Nalbandian, James Packer, Matt Skiena, Michael Uslan, Jill Wildert and Seanne Winslow
Producers - Roy Lee and
Dan Lin
Co-Producer - John Powers Middleton
Production Designer - Grant
Character Designers - Andy Bialk
and Shane Prigmore
Head of Animation - Rob Coleman
Animation Co-Director/Supervisor - Chris McKay
CG Supervisor - Aidan Sarsfield
Cinematography - Barry Peterson and
Pablo Plaisted
Film Editors - David Burrows
and Chris McKay
Music - Mark Mothersbaugh

For many of you who have once had a childhood obsession with making LEGO. Although some of the people may not take the movie too kindly, after seeing it as very undistinguished and bad due to the over hype that this film is perhaps unworthy of in the eyes of some viewers. They do not deliver the message about THE LEGO MOVIE properly, it is meant to be an uphill comedy of non-stop laughing proportions. It actually has being extraordinary in using CGI to disguise as it was made in stop-motion out of LEGO bricks. While not caring of THE LEGO MOVIE for its meaningful and simple story, I actively care about it spoofs any plot cliché in the book like the good vs evil and so forth.

The selective range of the voice cast takes the top prime without becoming theatric or into the pallid expressions. The best that stole the show Liam Neeson who makes the hammy routine out of the "good or bad cop", do not get me wrong with the old saying. Will Arnett makes the fun in the LEGO version of Batman by having him as egotistical out of his dark nature. Christian Bale is out there in the audience and would be pleased with this interpreted dark knight compared with his own in the Nolan movie adaptations.

I frankly perceive THE LEGO MOVIE as humorous and refreshing to tell a child's dream of a world made entirely out of LEGO that the wish had finally came true. As long as every viewer should know that everything is awesome just like the song of the film says. This film isn't made to be in a forced financial gain in the movie theatres. Many of you will watch this feature and reminisce about the good old days as a child playing with the toy brand, I think people will find this movie wittier and different to TOY STORY (click here).

Forget playtime, you'll be seeing an all-aged accessible film which should appeal to all you LEGO collectors in your adulthood.

Star rating: (9/10) Excellent Movie

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