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Labyrinth Review


Release Date: 4th December 1986 - Australia 

Production Companies
Henson Associates (HA) (presents)
Lucasfilm Ltd. (presents)
The Jim Henson Company
Delphi V Productions
TriStar Pictures

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Fantasy/Musical

Rating: G

Runtime: 97 minutes

Budget: $27,680,000

Box Office Gross: $14,256,964 

Plot Summary
When young Sarah
cavalierly wishes that
goblins would take her
crying baby brother away,
she gets her wish. Now
she must confront Jareth -
ruler of a mystical world
one step removed from
reality, master of the
goblins who abducted
her brother...and creator
of the treacherous labyrinth
that Sarah must solve in
order to make things right.

Live Action Cast
Jennifer Connelly - Sarah
David Bowie - Jareth the Goblin King
Toby Froud - Toby
Christopher Malcolm - Father
Shelley Thompson - Stepmother
Natalie Finland - Fairy

Puppeteers/Voice Cast
Brian Henson - Hoggle (face performance/voice)/Goblin
Shari Weiser - Huggle (on-suit performer)
Ron Mueck - Ludo/Goblin (Voice)
Rob Mills - Ludo
Frank Oz - The Wiseman
Michael Hordern - The Wiseman (Voice)
Dave Goelz - Didymus/Various 
David Barclay - Didymus
David Shaughnessy - Didymus/Various (Voices)
Steve Whitmire - Ambrosious/
Kevin Clash - Ambrosious/
Percy Edwards - Ambrosious (Voice)
Karen Prell - The Worm/
Timothy Bateson - The Worm/Guard (Voices)
Denise Bryer - The Junk Lady (Voice)
David Healy - Right Door Knocker (Voice)
Robert Beatty - Left Door Knocker (Voice)

Story/Director - Jim Henson
Story - Dennis Lee
Screenplay - Terry Jones
Executive Supervising Producer - David Lazer
Executive Producer - George Lucas
Producer - Eric Rattray
Production Designer - Elliot Scott
Conceptual/Costume Designer - Brian Froud
Costume Designer - Ellis Flyte
Goblin Armour Designer - Michael McCormick
Songs: Music and Lyrics - David Bowie
Director of Photography - Alex Thomson
Choreographers - Charles Augins,
Gates McFadden and Michael Moschen
Puppeteer Coordinator - Brian Henson
Special Effects Supervisors - George Gibbs
and Tony Dunsterville
Film Editor - John Grover
Music - Trevor Jones

It's been recently since we've lost the legendary singer David Bowie, we were able to listen his music and watch LABYRINTH after his passing. What began in its release of 1986, the film wasn't initially successful in any box office records. Due to the cost how the movie was produced but many years had unearthed LABYRINTH as it grew a cult following among many Henson enthusiasts and fans of the musician. The feature reminds me a bit of ALICE IN WONDERLAND where a girl is transported a fantasy world and is faced with dealing with the consequences of curiosity and regret. After Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) wishes her annoying baby brother would be taken away and it ends up happening in the hands of the evil Goblin King, Sarah sets about getting him back through the labyrinth to rejoin the family. In the labyrinth, Sarah meets all of these fantastical creatures who were all the creation of Jim Henson's masterful puppetry. 

LABYRINTH is also an musical with all the songs written and performed by David Bowie who plays Jareth the Goblin King. He was a legend of his time and Bowie did a good show on his villainous role and the music he wrote were "Magic Dance" and "As The World Falls Down". I don't mind Jennifer Connelly being in this film as she performs the role of Sarah well for her young age.

The film shows its age being from the 80s' nostalgia period where puppetry and blue screen effects where in their last days. Jim Henson and George Lucas had collaborated to tell a wonderful movie that isn't like a fairy tale you've seen in children's books. Whether you liked it or not, I don't think it was on par with THE DARK CRYSTAL (click here) but still is an enjoyable fantasy movie for all ages. 

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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