Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Malcolm Review (Australia Day 2016)


Release Date: 2nd October 1986 - Australia

Production Companies
Cascade Films
Film Victoria

Umbrella Entertainment

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 90 minutes

Budget: A$1,000,000

Box Office Gross: $3,842,129 (Australia)

Plot Summary
Malcolm is a chronically
shy mechanical genius 
who has just been fired 
for building his own tram. 
He gets Frank, who has 
just been released from 
jail, to move in to help 
pay the bills. Malcolm, 
with Frank's help, turns 
to a life of crime.

Colin Friels - Malcolm Hughes
Lindy Davies - Judith
Chris Haywood - Willy
John Hargreaves - Frank Baker
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell - Tramways Supervisor
Beverly Phillips - Mrs. T
Judith Stratford - Jenny

Producer/Casting/Director - Nadia Tass
Mechanical Devices
Designer and Constructor/
Writer/Producer/Director of
Photography - David Parker
Executive Producer - Bryce Menzies
Mechanical Devices 
Designer and Constructors - Steve Mills and Tony Mahood
Special Effects - Brian Pearce
Visual Effects - Peter Stubbs
Film Editor - Ken Sallows
Music - Simon Jeffes

Hello again, now many of you haven't seen MALCOLM (or at least you would have mistaken it for MALCOLM X). This is not the review of the movie that was based on a historical figure that you expect, this is a different movie that is made in Australia on late 1986. It is a comedy caper of sheer inventiveness and is ingenious for its setup but is based around comedies that were produced before MALCOLM was way ahead of its existence. There were some jokes on MALCOLM that may be a miss, I liked how the filmmakers perfected the robbery sequences with these amusing gadgets and a vehicle that can split into two halves. Filmmaking just can't get any enough better in pulling these fake robberies that were even bent with a sheer comic genius.

I liked how they portrayed the title character as someone with a knack of building these machines, has an interest where he's fixated and suffers from either Asperger's or high-functioning Autism. Which is all thanks to Colin Friels' acting as the profound yet naive and comical character that is the main focus towards the movie.

It's been quite a movie that I've revisited for after thirteen years that I last seen it. MALCOLM is a semi-decent low budgeted comedy that isn't quite as clever as the movies we've seen through theatres, television, et cetera. It is quite simple in Aussie cinematic standards that the film probably would come close as a great movie that is produced in the land of down under. So cheers mates!

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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