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The Day After Tomorrow Review

The Day After Tomorrow 

Release Date: 27th May 2004 - Australia 

Production Companies
Twentieth Century Fox
Centropolis Entertainment
Lionsgate Films
Mark Gordon Company

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 118 minutes

Budget: $125,000,000

Box Office Gross: $544,272,402

Plot Summary
When global warming 
triggers the onset of a 
new Ice Age, tornadoes 
flatten Los Angeles, a 
tidal wave engulfs New 
York City and the entire 
Northern Hemisphere 
begins to freeze solid. 
Now, climatologist Jack 
Hall, his son Sam and a 
small band of survivors 
must ride out the growing 
superstorm and stay 
alive in the face of an 
enemy more powerful 
and relentless than any 
they've ever encountered: 
Mother Nature.

Dennis Quaid - Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal - Sam Hall
Ian Holm - Terry Rapsom
Emmy Rossum - Laura Chapman
Sela Ward - Dr. Lucy Hall
Dash Mihok - Jason Evans
Austin Nichols - J.D.
Tamlyn Tomita - Janet Tokida
Kenneth Welsh - Vice President Becker
Arjay Smith - Brian Parks
Jay O. Sanders - Frank Harris
Sasha Roiz - Parker
Perry King - President Blake
Adrian Lester - Simon
Glenn Plummer - Luther
Nestor Serrano - Gomez
Vitali Makarov - Yuri
Christopher Britton - Vorsteen
Caroline Keenan - Tina
Jason Blicker - Paul
Russell Yuen - Hideki
Amy Sloan - Elsa
Shelia McCarthy - Judith
Christian Tessier - Aaron

Executive Producer/Writer/
Director - Roland Emmerich
Writer/Producer - Dean Devlin
Writer - Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Executive Producers - Ute Emmerich, Stephanie Germain and Kelly Van Horn
Producer - Mark Gordon
Co-Producer - Thomas M. Hammel 
Production Designer - Barry Chusid
Director of Photography - Ueli Steiger
Special Effects Director - Neil Corbould 
Visual Effects Supervisors - Karen E. Goulekas, Ian Hunter and Chetan Deshmukh
Visual Effects Supervisors: ILM - Eric Brevig
and Jim Mitchell
Associate Visual Effects Supervisor: Digital Domain -
Matthew E. Butler
Film Editor - David Brenner
Music - Harald Kloser

So sorry about it, I haven't been able to publish a review every Monday since I was so driven to finish my three movie critiques and ended up in a break. Before New Year's Eve, I was unable to find the world-ending feature of 2012 when I was supposed to watch it before I can get it critiqued. I eventually switched to an alternative movie from the same director when it was released six years before he went on to produce that glorious over-lengthened disaster epic. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW is not one of those doomsday movies that were made to be scientifically accurate, it blends seamlessly with the visual graphics and images that creates a world from its climate changing catastrophe to its big chill. Many climatologists didn't like how the film of their aghast that the prediction of the issues of global warming that will soon cause the endless winter were greatly exaggerated since it has nothing to do with any scientific research at all. Director Roland Emmerich may not have been an avid believer of science but he never fails to make this picture suspenseful in the wake of post 9/11 and have the temperatures cooled to a maximum.  

Naturally, I did see a few elements of the movie that might need a bit more work even to the story and character development which needed the most. The acting would be the least of my worries and it wouldn't matter to such talented movie players that their careers are seemingly unaffected and they're being featured as the result. It doesn't have hurt the fact when you got someone like Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal and and soon-to-be-famed newcomer Emmy Rossum that they can only provide the notch of their performances to this enjoyable but non-resisted picture.

I seriously thought that THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW was so far, so good at being a visual spectacle and though it isn't meant to follow its scientific patterns. It is clearly a believable film that nearly gives out the impact on the other disaster hits that would soon follow it after, even 2012 is more darker and shockingly compared to this film and INDEPENDENCE DAY (click here). I recommend you try to watch the movie or rent it now, whether it is your option.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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