Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Need for Speed Review (Updated)

Need for Speed 

Release Date: 13th March 2014 - Australia

Production Companies
Touchstone Pictures
DreamWorks SKG
Electronic Arts
Bandito Brothers

Walt Disney Studios Motion
Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 131 minutes

Budget: $66,000,000

Box Office Gross: $203,277,636

Plot Summary
Fresh from prison, a
street racer who was
framed by a business
associates joins a cross-
country race with
revenge in mind.

Aaron Paul - Tobey Marshall
Dominic Cooper - Dino Brewster
Imogen Poots - Julia Maddon
Scott Mescudi - Maverick
Ramón Rodriguez - Joe Peck
Rami Malek - Finn
Michael Keaton - Monarch
Dakota Johnson - Anita Coleman
Harrison Gilbertson - Little Pete

Executive Producer/Film Editor/
Director - Scott Waugh
Story/Screenplay - George Gatins
Screenplay/Producer - John Gatins
Producers - Patrick O'Brien
and Mark Sourian
Director of Photography - Shane
Special Effects Supervisor -
Joe Pancake
Stunt Coordinator - Lance Gilbert
Co-Stunt Coordinator - Mike
Picture Car Coordinator -
Steve Mann
Film Editor - Paul Rubell
Music - Nathan Furst

This is not like those faithless and boring video game movies that lacked the quality viewers deserve when paying $15 bucks to watch it. I have once been had the enjoyable experience of playing two games of its series, NEED FOR SPEED begins the movie on a fuel-injected high, took the games key elements to drive the cinematic impact. Made with the driving coordination of actors who were provided with driving lessons. Car crashes completed through the use of physical effects is simply Hollywood going back to its heydays. Other vehicle-oriented action features such as BULLITT also featured the lead actors doing their own driving stunts to pilot the cars in a hot pursuit of each vehicle whammed up on a dynamic scene. That is why its filmmakers decided to cut the chase and not to put a huge or minimal amount of CGI for a high budget. The movie's cinematography is also worth looking at, I was particularly impressed with the use of zoom angling.

Director Scott Waugh took the seat passionately after releasing his previous work ACT OF VALOR and he is able to demonstrate better treatment on a video-game adapted movie that an avid gamer would expect. The director is good at making the ensemble cast with Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper as the main leads. As if the NEED FOR SPEED movie is not packed with enough sequences of racing action, it has an endless treat of side-comical parts.

NEED FOR SPEED nearly put the FAST & FURIOUS franchise out of commission, even at its gratitude that it's wildly superb for a feature? Just race down and don't miss out, whether or not you have played the games does not matter. This film is suitable for an array of audiences. OK, I know you are all waiting for my opinion on this. What film is better, it's FAST & FURIOUS or NEED FOR SPEED, the answer is FAST & FURIOUS.

Star rating: (10/10) Best Movie Ever

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