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The Fearless Four Review

The Fearless Four

Release Date: 5th December 1997 - USA

Production Companies
Warner Bros (presents)
Bioskop Film
Munich Animation Film

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G
Runtime: 89 minutes
                 78 minutes (edited)

Plot Summary
Four fearless animals while
not sharing their appearances
all of them have one goal 
ahead to play and perform 
music, dog named Buster, 
a donkey Fred, a cat 
Gwendolyn and a rooster 
Tortellini. Together these 
foursome left their old 
lives and ventured to the 
city of Bremen to seek 
their fame and recognition

But the animals are unaware 
that Bremen is not what it all 
seems and there it lies, it's 
dark secrets and corruption 
in a twist of soul. Can the 
Fearless Four use their 
musical talents to stop this 
evil plot?

Voice Cast (English)
James Ingram - Buster
B.B. King - Fred
Oleta Adams - Gwendolyn 
Zucchero - Tortellini 
Christopher Gaze - Narrator
Ian James Cortlett - Dr. Greed/
Scott McNeill - The Manager/
Garry Chalk - Platini/Various
Kathleen Barr - Mozart/Various
Richard Newman - Ackerman

Producer/Director - Eberhard 
Director/CGI Director - Michael 
Director/Animation Director - 
Jürgen Ritcher 
Based on Fairy Tale "The 
Bremen Town Musicians" - 
The Grimm Brothers
Screenplay - Bert Henry, 
Dagmar Kekulé and 
Georg Richel 
Character Designers - Carlos 
& Jordi Grangel
Painted Background Designer - 
Walter Kössler 
CGI Supervisor - Nico Tuma
Editor - Uli Schön
Score & Original Songs - 
Peter Wolf
Lyrics - Ina Wolf

Charming, joyful and melodic how 2D comes and goes to please children of all ages. In the 90s, Disney was the easy-going prominent player composed after THE LION KING (click here), other films that were not made by this studio unfortunately, fail to imitate its wizardry. There lived an obscure movie from Germany in 1997 based on a popular tale for children entitled THE FEARLESS FOUR. I probably haven't seen it for a long time and though I have been excited to review this movie of which I have fond memories as a child of having grown up with this movie. Uncaring of Warner Bros not to release the English translation in cinemas or in a DVD/Blu-Ray package, this let me down and forced me to find it on YouTube. Remarkable, yet though the film's character animation didn't share the qualities of Disney or Don Bluth, it's really distinctively impressive on its own. More appeal that it was the earliest movies that combined their quality of hand-drawn with outdated computer graphics. 

While the makers of FEARLESS FOUR pushed its story into modern touch and for the English dub, it isn't always faithful to it's original release in Germany. Some scenes are bowdlerised by the studio when trying to look less adult and left in the cutting room. For the characterisations, they are perfectly solid but for the villain Dr Greed; he seems to share some of the facial features which belonged to supposedly one of the Simpsons characters. The four musicians such as James Ingram, Oleta Adams, Zucchero and blues man B.B. King. These lads are responsible for giving each of the singing and voices on the animals.

It has a profound message that deeply enough it teaches us that we shouldn't treat our own pets the rough way around. This rare kids musical is in need of devotion for anyone who hasn't seen it. 

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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