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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review (Updated)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Release Date: 8th April 2009 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Marvel Entertainment
The Donners Company
Seed Productions 

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 107 minutes

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $373,062,864

Plot Summary
Two mutant brothers, Logan 
and Victor, born 200 years 
ago, suffer childhood trauma 
and have only each other to 
depend on. Basically, they're 
fighters and killers, living 
from war to war through U.S. 
history. In modern times, a 
U.S. colonel, Stryker, recruits 
them and other mutants as 

Logan quits and becomes a 
logger, falling in love with a 
local teacher. When Logan 
refuses to rejoin Stryker's 
crew, the colonel sends the 
murderous Victor. Logan now 
wants revenge.

Hugh Jackman - Logan/
Liev Schreiber- Victor Creed
Danny Hudson - William Stryker
Lynn Collins - Kayla
Ryan Reynolds - Wade Wilson
Scott Adkins - Weapon XI
Taylor Kitsch - Remy LeBeau/
Gambit - John Wraith
Kevin Durand - Fred J. Dukes/
Dominic Monaghan - Chris
Daniel Henney - Agent Zero
Tim Pocock - Scott Summers
Patrick Stewart - Charles
Xavier/Professor X (Cameo)

Director - Gavin Hood
Screenplay - David Benoff and
Skip Woods
Producers - Lauren Shuller
Donner, Ralph Winter, Hugh
Jackman, John Palermo and
Bryan Singer (Uncredited)
Co-Producer /Unit Production Manager - Louis G. Friedman
Co-Producers - Peter MacDonald and Marsha L. Swinton
Production Designer - Barry Robson
Costume Designer - Louise Mingenbach
Special Make-Up Effects Designers and Creators -
Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr.
Director of Photography - Donald M. McAlpine
Stunt Coordinators - Glenn Boswell, Dean Choe,
Mike Mitchell and J.J. Perry
Action Coordinators - David Leitch and Chad Stehelski
Special Effects Supervisor - Dan Oliver
Visual Effects Supervisors - Eric D. Christensen,
Erik Liles and Pat McClung
Set Visual Effects Supervisor - Christopher Townsend
Visual Effects Supervisor: FUEL International -
Paul Butterworth
Film Editors - Nicolas De Toth and
Megan Gill
Music - Harry Gregson-Williams

As a true fan, X MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE is really average. I have to regretfully accuse the film of its plot confusion. The dialogue and the action was good. This movie inspired me to do a mutant movie marathon, excluding the two I've already done. I know most of you fans are expecting for DAYS OF FUTURE PAST to arrive in cinemas for viewing. Surely the director Gavin Hood is responsible for making the dysfunction in its production and editing. This would relate to how Hugh Jackman got embarrassed with the final cut in its disastrous results. Few of these bad moments contain the part of the ending involving digitally de-aged Patrick Stewart. Aside from the forgetfulness and problems with the film's continuity, there is the goodwill of its acting to be looked upon. 

For a few big surprises in the cast, we have Ryan Reynolds and people think he's a good actor who wasted his potential in mediocre films. Reynolds is perfect to be one of the supporting lead mutants, I complained he's not often portraying his character in all of his scenes. Especially as he ended up being brief and sharing the role with another actor during the third half. To add insult to injury, his character, the motormouth mercenary Deadpool is butchered from the comics. Liev Schreiber demonstrates the top-notch acting to play the brotherly rival of Wolverine as Sabertooth, who is then his nemesis on the comics. Although most movie audiences may have seen Taylor Kitsch in films like the overlooked sci-fi bomb JOHN CARTER (click here). He made a feat of a spotlight in his film debut as the fan-favourite mutant Gambit before he became a major underrated star. 

Shame that the first WOLVERINE movie did not meet the many who have been waiting in their expectations to see the character in his beginning. I definitely re-rank the second Wolverine feature as to overpower the first in regards to if not its use of less crude story-telling and action sequences. Disappointment has come to X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and it is not what the Marvel and X-Men aficionados had promised.

Star rating: (5/10) Average

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