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Film Guru Lad's Top 6 Movie Dads (Updated)

Hello, this is your favourite blogger RadDingo here and those who were born and lived in Australia would know that today is Father's Day which is on Sunday 6th. In our celebration to our fathers, here's a list of the top movie dads that helped establish the dynamic relationship between father/son and father/daughter in some films like 'Star Wars' and 'The Lion King'. It depends if they are worthy of being a role model, non-biological father figures or whether that they have flaws like being estranged, absent, comically inept and serious.

#6. Jor-El (Superman)

Our first candidate is within
our spot is Jor-El, no not that
one in 'Man of Steel', The
original interpretation of this
character serves as a sort of
a spiritual guide to his own
son Kal-El now known as
Superman, or even his human
alter ego Clark Kent after he
sacrificed himself to save
him as an infant from the
destruction of Planet Krypton.
It helps that even within death,
Jor-El can be seen teaching
his son through holograms of
his wisdom and that the character was portrayed by Marlon Brando who also plays another famous dad of Don Vito Corlene in 'The Godfather'.

#5. Darryl Kerrigan (The Castle)

It's no surprise that when you 
meet average people in
Australia like Darryl Kerrigan. 
He is not only a loving 
husband and a tow truck 
driver, but is a kind-hearted 
patriarch to his childrenThis 
good-natured, optimistic 
father may not be as comical 
as Clark Griswold in the 
National Lampoon series but 
is able to get along well with his children and prevent them, his wife, neighbours and himself from being forced of their homes by the Aussie government. 

#4. Cooper (Interstellar)

While not the best of the
cinematic dads, Cooper does
what is best for his own
children even drifting in
outer space to save the world's
population from extinction.
Before this distant relationship
had happened to Cooper, in 
the movie's first half he was 
able to maintain a decent 
fatherly bond to his children, 
yes even his own daughter whom he calls her Murph is affectionate towards her. It would take years after his time in space that he would then reunite with his daughter when after a communication through the black hole that they would see each other again.

#3. Henry Jones (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Judging from where Indy
gets his obsession of artefacts
from, Henry Jones is a work-
detached father who is never
around with his son because
of his time spending his
research with the Holy Grail
and the two would then
reunite as the former sets out
to rescue him from the Nazis.
Besides all the differences
that the both of them had in
their previous lives, they
wonderfully provide their impeccable father/son chemistry and this is because director Steven Spielberg has casted old James Bond actor Sean Connery to get on good terms with the supporting role.

#2. Mufasa (The Lion King) 

This list of the top six
characters couldn't be
completed without Mufasa
who is Simba's kingly
powerful father and is teaching
him the ways in the circle of
life. Though normally Simba
does very little to follow in
his father's paws until his evil
treacherous uncle Scar kills
him in the middle of the
stampede and places the guilt into Simba's head to forget this responsibility of ruling the pride lands and leave. However this couldn't have happened when after Simba was being raised by two companions and then got older, as his ghost suddenly appears and tells him that he must take his place as king and defeat Scar in battle. The true fact within this character is that he is voiced by James Earl Jones who also does a voice of the galaxy's notorious father Darth Vader.

#1. Darth Vader (Star Wars)

And finally, our last dad to be
on this category is Darth Vader.
Though not the greatest dad in
the universe, especially when
how he chops off his son's
hand to have him disarmed
in a lightsaber duel or he is
unaware that he tortured his 
daughter when he intends to
find the location of the Rebel
Alliance. Furthermore he is 
a compelling character that 
is downright responsible for 
the main plot twist in 'The 
Empire Strikes Back' when he reveals himself to Luke as his own father. To his shocking discovery, Luke was then able to get away from Vader's clutches to have him at his side if not for the horrifying truth. Fortunately Vader redeems himself in Return of the Jedi when he gives his own life to save his son from being killed by the Emperor.

Honourable Mentions

Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)

Mr. Miyago (The Karate Kid)

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons Movie)

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  1. Great list! As you know from my list, Darth Vader is my number 1 pick as well. And Henry Jones is right at the top as well. Cooper would have made the list if I had seen Interstellar before making the list. I enjoyed the post.