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Seventh Son Review

Seventh Son

Release Date: 5th March 2015 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures
Legendary Pictures 
China Film Co. (in association with)
Outlaw Sinema (produced with the participation with)
Pendle Mountain Productions
Thunder Road Pictures

Universal Pictures Australia 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: M

Runtime: 102 minutes

Budget: $95,000,000

Box Office Gross: $114,178,613

Plot Summary
A 18th century adventure
story centered on young
Thomas, who is apprenticed
to the local Spook to learn
to fight evil spirits. His
first great challenge comes
when the powerful Mother
Malkin escapes her confinement
while the Spook is away.

Jeff Bridges - Master Gregory
Ben Barnes - Tom Ward
Juilanne Moore - Mother Malkin
Alicia Vilkander - Alice
Kit Harington - Billy Bradley
Djimon Hounsou - Radu
Olivia Williams - Mam
Antje Traue - Bony Lizzie
Jason Scott Lee - Urag

Director - Sergey Bodrov
Based on Novel and Inspiration
"The Spook's Apprentice" -
Joseph Delaney
Screen Story - Matt Greenberg
Screenplay - Charles Leavitt and
Steven Knight
Executive Producers - Alysia Cotter,
Jon Jashni and Brent O'Connor
Co-Producer - Jillian Share
Producers - Basil Iwanyk,
Thomas Tull and Lionel Wigram
Production Designer - Dante Ferretti
Costume Designer - Jacqueline West
Creature Designer - Ben Mauro
Cinematography - Newton Thomas
Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator - Paul Jennings
Stunt Coordinator - Danny Virtue
Special Effects Supervisor - Alex Burdett
Visual Effects Designer - John Dykstra
Film Editors - Jim Page and Paul Rubell
Music - Marco Beltrami

Loosely based on a fantasy book, SEVENTH SON has little to justify its existence in the genre and is completely watered down and generic. On its release, the movie went unnoticed at the box office and there could have been new things to best raise its ambitions. This takes the toll on SEVENTH SON as it was another attempt to be a proper fantasy adventure flick to carry on the legacy of the original LORD OF THE RINGS films. For starters, the feature tries to brandish digital imagery and some fantasy elements and merge those into an interesting blockbuster but fails. The story revolves around an order of wizards whose magical means is derived of being a seventh son which gives them the power to hunt witches and warlocks.

I have issues with the actors chosen for the lead roles in this banal adaptation as they are miscast or possibly mis-directed. Jeff Bridges has never done a role similar to this mentor figure as he tries to add a fierce side to him and act different than Jeremy Irons did in ERAGON (click here). But he comes across as a bad drunken impersonation of Gandalf here. I felt Ben Barnes was too old and miscast and brings no defiance to his character, and Kit Harington's brief appearance is as typecast as it gets. Juilanne Moore tries to sink a tooth in her role, but her antagonist bares no teeth and no bite as her performance is held back from the mundane direction.

I say SEVENTH SON lacks whatever it does with originality, tension and excitement. Everything in it feels neutered and sanitised as it falls apart the way that other failed fantasy movies have.

Star rating: (2/10) Bad Movie

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