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Alien vs. Predator: Requiem Review

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem 

Release Date: 26th December 2007 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Davis Entertainment
Brandywine Productions

Dune Entertainment (made in association with)

20th Century Fox Australia 

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: MA15+ (Not Suitable 
for Young Children)

Runtime: 96 minutes 

Budget: $40,000,000

Box Office Gross: $128,884,494

Plot Summary
After a horrifying PredAlien 
crash-lands near a small 
Colorado town, killing 
everyone it encounters 
and producing countless 
Alien offspring, a lone 
Predator arrives to "clean 
up" the infestation. Soon 
it's an all-out battle to the 
death with no rules, no 
mercy and hundreds of 
innocent people caught 
in the crossfire. As the 
creature carnage 
continues, a handful of 
human survivors attempt 
a daring escape, but the 
U.S. government may 
be hatching a deadly 
plan of its own...

Steven Pasquale - Dallas
Reiko Aylesworth - Kelly
John Ortiz - Morales
Johnny Lewis - Ricky
Ariel Gade - Molly
Kristen Hager - Jesse
Sam Trammell - Tim
Robert Joy - Col. Stevens
David Paetkau - Dale
Tom Woodruff Jr. - Aliens
Ian Whyte - Predator
Chelah Horsdal - Darcy
Meshach Peters - Curtis
Matt Ward - Mark
Michal Suchanek - Nick
David Hornsby - Drew
Chris William Martin - Deputy Ray
James Chutter - Deputy Joe
Gina Holden - Carrie
Kurt Max Runte - Buddy
Liam James - Sam
Tim Henry - Dr. Lennon
Tom McBeath - Karl
Ty Olsson - Nathan
Rainbow Sun Francks - Earl
Francoise Yip - Ms. Yutani

Directors/Visual Effects
Supervisors - Colin & Greg
Based on "Alien" Characters -
Dan O'Bannon and Donald
Based on "Predator"
Characters - Jim & John Thomas
Writer - Shane Salerno
Executive Producers - Robbie
Brenner and Paul Deason
Producers - John Davis, 
David Giler and Walter Hill
Production Designer - Andrew Neskoromy
Director of Photography - Daniel C. Pearl
Creature Effects Designers and 
Creators - Alec Gillis and Tom 
Woodruff, Jr.
Film Editor - Dan Zinnerman
Music - Brian Tyler

Much like its predecessor, ALIEN vs. PREDATOR (AVP): REQUIEM comes off as a disappointment in trying to regenerate two of the monster franchises as to regain the love of the die-hard fans. It is probably still not a good idea to make these two spin-offs with poor characterisations, fast pace and hackneyed plot-writing. The sequel is kept strong through use of the excessive gore and violence, it accomplishes the tension seen in earlier ALIEN and PREDATOR movies like in this case, the ones that started it all are the original interpretations by directors Ridley Scott, James Cameron and John McTiernan. I have no love for REQUIEM, nor does it for the direction of the Strause brothers who in three years later would later make the near-appendix of all alien invasion features SKYLINE (click here). Besides the characters, pacing and mediocre story that I've already talked about, there is some scenes involving the Predator are getting too difficult to see when they are lit at dark. 

Again at mentioning we have a list of unknown actors who were oddly chosen to be in this ensemble, only if these human characters that they are playing should be on a different movie instead of being on an AVP instalment.

Suffice to say REQUIEM doesn't have a compelling story, a complexion and is far from been more worse as an another cash-grabbing experiment from the studio. I'd rather much enjoy the first two ALIEN instalments and relive the moments seen in the classic PREDATOR movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger than to see these degenerate abominations on TV.

Star rating: (3/10) Disappointing

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