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Hook Review


Release Date: 26th March 1992 - Australia

Production Companies
TriStar Pictures
Amblin Entertainment 

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Fantasy/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 136 minutes

Budget: $70,000,000

Box Office Gross: $300,854,823 (Worldwide)

Plot Summary
When the dreaded Captain Hook kidnaps the children of his arch-foe Peter Pan, who has grown up and forgotten everything from his past adventures. Peter must return to Never Land with the aid of Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys. He must learn to rediscover the child within himself and his memory of being Peter Pan if he has to confront the vengeful pirate and rescue his two precious children.

Dustin Hoffman - Captain Hook
Robin Williams - Peter Banning
Julia Roberts - Tinker Bell
Bob Hoskins - Mr. Smee
Maggie Smith - Granny Wendy
Caroline Goodall - Moira Banning
Charlie Korsmo - Jack 'Jackie' Banning
Amber Scott - Maggie Banning
Laurel Cronin - Liza, Wendy's Housekeeper
Phil Collins - Inspector Good (Cameo)
Arthur Malet - Toodles
Isaiah Robinson - Pockets
Jasen Fisher - Ace
Dante Basco - Rufio
Rasuhan Hammond - Thud Butt
James Madio - Don't Ask
Thomas Tulak - Too Small
Alex Zuckerman - Latchboy
Ahmad Stoner - No Nap
Max Hoffman - 5-Year-Old Peter Pan
Ryan Francis - Young Peter Pan
Lisa Wilhoit - Young Tinker Bell
Kelly Rowen - Peter's Mother
Gwyneth Paltrow - Young Wendy
Rebecca Hoffman - Jane in
Jake Hoffman - Little League
Baseball Player
Geoffrey Lower - Brad
Don S. Davis - Dr. Fields
Cameron Thor - Ron
Brad Blumenthal - Jim
David Crosby - Tickles (Cameo)
Nick Tate - Noodler
Tony Burton - Bill Jukes (Cameo)
Glenn Close - Gutless (Cameo)
Matthew Van Ginkel - Baby Peter Banning
Ray Tveden - Man in Stands
Kim Robillard - Toothless Cripple
Michael Runyard - Screaming Pirate
Gary Epper - Growling Pirate
Jimmy Buffett - Shoe-Stealing Pirate (Cameo) (Uncredited)
Carrie Fisher - Woman Kissing on Bridge (Cameo) (Uncredited)
George Lucas - Man Kissing on Bridge (Cameo) (Uncredited)

Director - Steven Spielberg
Based on the Stage Play
and Book Series "Peter Pan" -
J.M. Barrie
Screen Story/Screenplay/
Executive Producer - Jim V. Hart
Screen Story - Nick Castle
Producer - Malia Stotch Marmo
Script Supervisor - Ana Maria Quintana
Associate Producer/First Assistant Director -
Bruce Cohen
Executive Producer - Dodi Fayed
Producers - Kathleen Kennedy and
Frank Marshall
Producer/Unit Production Manager -
Gerald R. Molen
Co-Producers - Gary Adelson and
Craig Baumgarten
Casting Directors - Janet & Michael
Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins
Production Designer - Norman Garwood
Visual Consultant - John Napier
Illustrators - Edward Eyth,
Thomas W. Lay Jr., David Lowery
and Jacques Rey
Art Directors - Andrew Precht and
Thomas E. Sanders
Assistant Art Director - Daniel T. Dorrance
Set Decorator - Garrett Lewis
Choreographer - Vince Paterson
Additional Choreographers - Smith Wordes
and Kim Blank
Costume Designer - Anthony Powell
Special Makeup Creator - Greg Cannom
Makeup Supervisor - Christina Smith
Director of Photography - Dean Cundey
Camera Operator - Raymond Stella
First Assistant Camera - Clyde E. Bryan
and Larry Davis
Stunt Coordinator/Action Choreographer -
Gary Hymes
Animal Trainer - Jules Sylvester
Special Effects Supervisor - Michael Lantieri
Animatronics and Puppets Creator/
Puppeteer - Rick Lazzarini
Visual Effects Supervisor - Eric Brevig
Production Effects Producer - Colin Wilson
Executive Charge in Production: ILM -
Jim Morris
Executive Charge in Post-Production: ILM -
Ed Jones
Art Director: ILM - Harley Jessup
Model Shop Supervisor: ILM - Lorne Peterson
Matte Artists: ILM - Eric Chauvin,
Christopher Evans, Rocco Gioffre and
Yusei Uesugi
Plate Photography Supervisor: ILM - Michael Owens
Post Photography Supervisor: ILM - John Knoll
Bluescreen Unit Manager: ILM - Edward T. Hirsh
Motion/Wing Supervisors: ILM - Patrick T. Myers
and Charlie Clavadetscher
Computer Graphics Supervisors: ILM -
Stefen Fangmeier and John Andrew Berton, Jr.
Animation Supervisor: ILM - Wes Takahashi
Storyboard Artist: ILM - Iain McCaig
Film Editor - Michael Kahn
Additional Editor - William Goldenberg
Supervising Sound Editors - Charles L. Campbell
and Richard C. Franklin
Sound Mixer - Ron Judkins
Re-Recording/Music Scoring Mixer -
Shawn Murphy
Re-Recording Mixers - Andy Nelson
and Steve Pederson
Foley Artists - John Roesch,
Hilda Hodges, Catherine Rowe,
Joseph Sabella, Kevin Bartnof and
Jeffrey Cupernell
Music - John Williams
Lyrics: Songs - Leslie Bricusse
Music Editor - Kenneth Wannberg


1992 Academy Awards
Best Art Direction - Norman Garwood and
Garrett Lewis (Nominated)
Best Costume Design - Anthony Powell (Nominated)
Best Visual Effects - Eric Brevig, Harley Jessup,
Mark Sullivan and Michael Lantieri (Nominated)
Best Makeup - Christina Smith, Monty Westmore
and Greg Cannom (Nominated)
Best Music, Original Song "When You're Alone" -
John Williams and Leslie Bricusse (Nominated)

Many of you would remember J.M. Barrie's classic story of Peter Pan and its screen adaptations like the one made by Disney. PP tells a heartwarming tale about children not growing up and having swashbuckling pirates like Captain Hook. HOOK was shown on the Disney Channel years ago when I first saw it. It introduced me to the screen presence of Robin Williams and the name of Steven Spielberg. I never knew it wasn't on par with the director's highly acclaimed works until I got older. Since the actor Robin Williams passed away, I wanted to re-watch some of his golden classics in memory of his energetic charisma, such as his character Genie in Aladdin.

This once nostalgic fantasy adventure has almost become the lowest common denominator for Spielberg and the actor/comedian Williams himself. With HOOK, the director was a far cry from his usual potential. That's how this movie was considered one of the lower points in his career. The legend of Peter Pan has been through time and time again. Maybe Spielberg had too much creative control of this film. HOOK was problematic in certain illogical scenes with no explanation of how certain events unfolded.

There is still the art direction, which looks fantastic. Williams' portrayal of a grown-up Peter Pan was remarkable, and Dustin Hoffman's interpretation of the main character is fun to watch. The background music by John Williams fits the movie by my standards.

I did want to enjoy this film, but I must be honest about HOOK and admit that it did lack a few crucial aspects.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

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