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Alien vs. Predator Review

Alien vs. Predator 

Release Date: 30th September 2004 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Davis Entertainment
Brandywine Productions
Lonlink Productions (in co-production with)
Stillking Films (in co-production with)
Kut Productions (in co-production with)
Studio Babelsburg (in co-production with)
Inside Track Films (in association with)

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 101 minutes
               109 minutes
               (unrated cut)

Plot Summary
The iconic monsters from
two of the scariest film
franchises ever battle each
other on Earth for the first
time. The discovery of an
Ancient pyramid buried in
Antarctica sends a team of
scientists and adventurers
to the frozen continent.
There, they make an even
more terrifying discovery,
two alien races engaged in
a ultimate battle.

Sanaa Lathan - Alexa Woods
Lance Henriksen - Charles
Bishop Weyland
Raoul Bova - Sebastian De Rosa
Ewen Bremmer - Graeme Miller
Colin Salmon - Maxwell Stafford
Tommy Flanagan - Mark Verheiden
Joseph Rye - Joe Connors
Agathe de La Boulaye - Adele
Carsten Noorgard - Rusten Quinn
Sam Troughton - Thomas Parks
Petr Jakl - Stone
Pavel Bezdek - Bass
Kieran Bew - Klaus
Carsten Voigt - Mikkel
Jan Pavel Filipensky - Boris
Adrian Bouchet - Sven
Andy Lucas - Juan Ramirez
Tom Woodruff Jr. - Grid
Ian Whyte - Scar

Story/Screenplay/Director - 
Paul W. S. Anderson
Based on "Alien" Characters/
Story - Dan O'Bannon and
Donald Shusett
Based on "Predator"
Characters - Jim & John Thomas
Producers - John Davis, 
Gordon Carroll, David Giler 
and Walter Hill
Co-Producer - Chris Symes
Production Designer - Richard Bridgland
Costume Designer - Magali Guidasci
Creature Effects Designers
and Creators - Alec Gillis and
Tom Woodruff, Jr.
Director of Photography - David Johnson
Visual Effects Supervisor - John Bruno
Film Editor - Alexander Berner
Music - Harald Kloser

It has been not that long since I last critiqued a movie that is either from the ALIEN franchise or just the original PREDATOR that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger (click here) in the main lead, sadly I wasn't even an actual fan of both of these action horror series. I could have re-watched and liked the first PREDATOR movie if it wasn't for Arnie and his one-liners in the film which had me in the first time of watching it. Many of you die-hard fans of both of these franchises are familiar with the two crossover spin-offs of ALIEN vs. PREDATOR (AVP) which are both released in four years before director Ridley Scott would restore order in building a better continuity of the ALIEN universe in the divisive prequel of PROMETHEUS (click here). The previous additions of these crossovers were more of an attempt to rejuvenate the two famous horror series and are underwhelming to the fanatics alike as if it was an fan-fiction story that has come true in form. 

The first instalment when under the shoddy craftsmanship of director Paul W. S. Anderson is not improved by thinly-scaled plotting, stale characterisations and the immediate lack of intensity. It wouldn't be helped of the briskly-fast pace used in all of the fight scenes. The only factors that redeem this entire feature is the production design and special effects which are a valiant effort in providing a visual look of the film. 

While the film may not turn out to be as critical than the next instalment ALIEN vs. PREDATOR: REQUIEM, it brings less faith into us and such potential is all wasted behind on this lacklustre spin-off. This could have been well solved if Paul W. S. Anderson should have less tried to succeed in his vision, not ruin both of these monsters.

Star rating: (3/10) Disappointing

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